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CLiX stands for "Customer Loyalty Intelligence eXpert".

We specialize in Customer Intelligence Driven Loyalty Marketing. Our mission is to help you with customer retention, up-selling, cross-selling, churn reduction, and everything else needed to bring back your customers more frequently and purchase more!

Brands today from beauty to fashion, to healthcare to food, and beverage to hospitality seek help to unlock the mystery behind customer data. We make valuable customer insights “click” for you – allowing you to plan your customer contact strategy more effectively and creatively.


We deliver Customer Intelligence Driven Loyalty Marketing through our expertise in loyalty marketing consulting, data analytics, loyalty marketing automation technologies, and program execution capabilities. Like a musical quartet, the key to perfect harmony is ensuring that all four parts perform seamlessly in perfect unison.

The reality is that some of the biggest brands struggle with effective and efficient CRM. Our vast experience in this space has allowed us to develop very specific domain knowledge, which has helped our clients across a diverse pool of industries create invaluable and unique synergies with their customers.


We support our clients including Mannings, Estee Lauder, Travel Expert, Langham Place, GsK, Janssen, Pepsico, SF Express, Acorn set up, revamp and run their loyalty rewards programs on an ongoing basis.

King Leung
Gene Raitt
Chairman (Non-executive)
Monica Chan
Group Managing Director
Rick Field
Chris Beaumont

CLiX team boasts a considerable amount of expertise and talents. As digital pioneers, we combine passion, innovation and creativity, helping our clients revolutionise their digital marketing strategy, therefore, staying one step ahead of their competition.

King Leung CEO - CLiX

Passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and more specifically on how ‘Big Data’ will transform the way companies do business and interact with their customers in the future.

King’s professional career consists of 3 distinctive stages:

Stage 1 - Engineering, Management Consulting and Venture Capital in the US and UK

In 1990’s, as management consultant at KPMG Consulting and Booz Allen Hamilton, King was very privileged to contribute to many transformative changes - modernization of the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), technology commercialization at National Security Agency (NSA) and Department of Defense (DoD), major technology investment at Caterpillar, modernization of risk management at Barclays, supply chain modernization at Canon, pre-IPO technology fund co-managed by Booz and Lehman Brothers, ... etc.

Stage 2 - Transformation of Datatrade in Hong Kong

In 2002, King raised seed capital from Credit Suisse to establish a database marketing startup which then merged with Datatrade a year later.

King was instrumental in transforming Datatrade from a traditional direct marketing agency in Hong Kong to a technology and data intelligence driven marketing company with presence in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Manila, as well as being part of a global CRM/digital agency network (InterDirect Network) by end of the decade.

Under King’s leadership, Datatrade was voted as Direct Marketing Agency of the Year by Marketing Magazine (Overall Gold award in 2013, Silver in 2012 and Bronze in 2011; and Local Hero for 3 years in a row from 2011-13). Datatrade also won the MARKies Best Program – CRM & Loyalty award in 2013. Datatrade was also named one of Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies by Mediazone Magazine.

Stage 3 - Driving innovation in CRM industry and technology entrepreneurship

Based on experience in serving CRM clients in different sectors from British American Tobacco to Burberry to Estee Lauder to Mannings to Merck since early 2000’s, together with close interaction with CRM-related technology leaders and startups, King came to the conclusion that we need a very different model and structure in order to adequately fulfill the loyalty (target) marketing needs for companies. To achieve this mission, in 2013, Datatrade officially spun off her CRM business unit to become Clix, an ‘Intelligence Driven Loyalty Marketing’ company. Stay tuned ... more to come!

King has been serving in leadership roles at Asia America Multi-technology Association (Pearl River Delta) and Young Entrepreneur Development Council (YDC) with the mission of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and southern China.

Being recognized as a thought leader in CRM and entrepreneurship, King was frequently invited to speak at media, universities, business conferences, etc. And King was inducted into Stanford Who’s Who for his achievements in marketing industry in 2011.

King graduated with MBA in Finance and Strategy (Honors) at University of Chicago, and BSc in Mechanical Engineering (Honors) at University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Gene Raitt Chairman (Non-executive)

- Since 2013

- Chairman - HKDMA

- Former Chairman – Worldwide DMA

- Chair of Direct Marketing Committee - the American Chamber of Commerce

- CEO – China Insurance Marketing & Administration Company LLC (CIMAC)

- Former Executive Vice President & Chief Direct Marketing Officer – AIG Worldwide

- Founding Governor of the DMA’s ECHO Academy of Direct Marketing Arts & Sciences

- Adjunct Professor in Marketing - Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

- Silver Apple Award - Direct Marketing Club of New York

Monica Chan Group Managing Director

- Former Board of Directors – Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association (HKDMA)

- SME Mentor – Mentorship Programme by Trade & Industry Department

- Major Clients Relationship Management

- Strategy and Advisory for the Group

Rick Field Advisor

Rick is a well-traveled and experienced direct marketing and CRM consultant with more than 30 years of industry experience which includes senior sales and executive positions at ACXIOM Corporation, KnowledgeBase Marketing, Young & Rubican, and North American Communications.

His consulting company, Patriot Consultancy, has been in business since 1991 and includes productive long term working relationships with more than 50 US and international companies. He has had extensive experience in Latin America, the Middle East, Japan and most recently China.

One of his particular areas of expertise is in developing practical alternatives for solving the challenges of planning for, supporting, executing and fixing customer acquisition, retention, and winback programs. This also embraces customer recognition, valuation, and relationship programs (both CRM and CMR). His passion is data of all sizes and shapes and has been a frequent speaker on the challenges of BIG Data for companies of any size in Latin America, the Middle East, and Japan.

Chris Beaumont Advisor

Extensive strategic marketing and brand communications for multinationals and domestic companies across Asia-Pacific. Specialties in Brand Strategy, Consumer & Marketing Insights, Holistic / agnostic communications, Accountability metrics, Marketing Science, Corporate Structures (M&A).


Director, North Asia - Results International Group

Professor - University of Tokyo


Chief Strategy Officer, Asia Pacific - GREY Group

Chairman & CEO - GREY Group Japan

Vice Chairman - McCann Erickson Japan

Chief Strategy Officer, Asia Pacific - McCann Erickson

Professor, Decision Sciences - London Business School

service_title1 Our research team studies loyalty programs and best practices from around the world, equipping us to create insightful and relevant programs that add value.

service_title2 We do data mining and all sorts of data analytics and modeling on customer data - customer profiles, point-of-sales, social media, and psychographics!

service_title3 Experience has taught us that when clients first consider launching loyalty marketing initiatives, they naturally think of deploying CRM and BI software.

service_title4 Despite the best CRM strategies and technologies, we often see many of you struggle with executing effective loyalty marketing programs due to lackluster program execution and planning.


Our research team studies loyalty programs and best practices from around the world. We also have access to several world-class knowledge bases where we continuously review case studies and white papers by industry from which we learn what works and what doesn’t. These insights are valuable not only during the setup stage of a new or revamped loyalty program, but also they are a helpful guide for our ongoing loyalty marketing.

As part of these research efforts, we also identify and study the cutting edge technologies around the world with the goal of helping clients identify methods to do things better, faster and cheaper.


From our experience, gaining valuable customer insights and intelligence is not so much about dumping massive amount of data into commercial data mining software and somehow the answer magically appears. Domain knowledge, the ability to frame the right question, and knowing how to interpret data in actionable ways is more critical than simply knowing how to operate state-of-art data mining software.

At CLiX, we specialize in major industry verticals where we have built up significant domain knowledge over many years:

a. Beauty

b. Fashion and accessories

c. Food & Beverage

d. Health

e. Hospitality


We have also developed data analytics models that are intended for answering specific business questions:

‧ Predictive Model (e.g., Regression/Classification)

One example is our Customer Churn Predictive Model, which helps our clients focus on the frequent and more valuable customers who are at risk, and act before it is too late. This helps the marketing team proactively act on customer insights to increase the probability of desired outcomes. Our predictive analytic approach has been developed and continuously refined over years of experience with clients across the region.

‧ Segmentation Model (e.g., Clustering/Kohonen Network)

We have developed numerous segmentation models (both macro and micro) for clients to group customers into distinctive behavioral groups with similar characteristics. These segments help the marketing team better understand their customers and enable them to launch more targeted marketing campaign.

‧ Product Basket Model (e.g., Associations)

These models are designed to identify the correlations between product items typically purchased together, allowing the marketing team to design well-tailored cross-selling and up-selling strategies. The bottom line: Better understanding of customer preferences and product bundling/promotional programs that lead to higher basket sales (i.e., per invoice) and margins!

‧ Customer Lifetime Value Model (CLV)

These models are designed to provide an edge over traditional methods in quantifying the “return on relationship” over a customer’s lifetime with an organization, and can be used as a significant ‘loyalty” KPI. Customer Lifetime Value leverages predictive analytics to predict product preference and lifetime value for better loyalty marketing, as well as the propensity of prospects and customers to churn.

And on a case-by-case basis, our team performs other analyses such as Sequence Analysis Modeling and Location-Based Analytics.


Over the years, we have learned where best to mine and how best to utilize the insights and put them into action to manage customer lifecycles and implement targeted marketing campaigns to generate sales uplifts.


Our experience has been that when clients are first considering any type of loyalty program, or specific loyalty marketing initiatives they seem to first think of the proper platform with which to deploy CRM and BI. However, the proper and most effective approach is to first ensure that whatever platforms are used are completely DATA DRIVEN, and engage the customer at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT message, and the RIGHT communication channel (preferably as selected by the customer). It is only then that the proper and appropriate technology can be brought into the equation in order to automate the process to the greatest extent possible. It all starts with data and intelligence however, and that's where our initial focus has always been.

Below is our solution map that outlines the different components of our integrated loyalty marketing automation technology:



Often despite the best CRM strategy and technologies, loyalty marketing initiatives can still fall short without proper program execution. Retail is detail! Especially with business-to-consumer, promotional emails and inbound hotlines are the touchpoints at which customers form their perception of and opinions about your brand. In many companies, the marketing team is asked to oversee these operations ON TOP of their full-time marketing responsibilities. We take care of these challenges on behalf of our clients. Here is a look at the components of our program execution competence:



While our core competencies span many disciplines, at CLiX, we pride ourselves on our expertise and track record in integrating these disciplines, while removing complexity and hassle.

Our four core solution sets below are designed with pre-defined interdisciplinary core competencies to address the most common clients’ loyalty marketing related challenges.


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